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MAESTRO is an incident management platform , which is adaptable to the nature of the using entity (Police, Security company, Firefighter, Emergency Medical Teams, First Responders) and improves their response time and efficiency with a variety of tools and technologies that can be expanded to meet their specific operational requirements.

Law Enforcement

Emergency medical services


MAESTRO Technology at a Glance

Modular software tool for full on-site support on front line responding various incidents.

Operation in all echelon levels
(local, regional, national).

Management with smart and
user-friendly web interface.

Especially designed to be adaptable to all first responders’ services.

Real time connection with the Command-and-Control Center.

A perfect tool for training,
planning, and managing incidents.

Application Areas

Disaster Area Management

A complete information system to dispatch, deploy and control First Responders in the field. MAESTRO operates in all echelon levels (local, regional, national) and provides a global view of the operational area at real time. MAESTRO API allows an easy information flow from sensors deployed in the field and meteorological data from third-party providers.

Real Time Data Exchange

MAESTRO Integrated Instant Messaging (IM) allows the exchange of information between First Responders and the Command and Control Center or Supervisor Office beyond overloaded radio systems. The users can send directly to the Command-and-Control Center alarms, reports, messages, mission notifications, multimedia files, etc. MAESTRO supports information exchange in all steps of a mission, from the point of planning and dispatch to deployment and after-action assessment.

Resource Management

MAESTRO Administrator dashboard allows organisations to acquire, allocate and manage their resources, at any echelon level (local, regional, national) such as First Responders, materials, machinery, equipment, fleet, and any other resources required for the mission. Organisations can ensure that internal and external resources are used effectively to accomplish their missions.

Planning and Training

MAESTRO planning and training modules can be used for drills, assess existing operational plans, and identify training and technology requirements. Mission planning becomes even easier with mission drawing tools.   

MAESTRO is addressing most of current and future capability gaps identified by IFAFRI and it can greatly enhance the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of first responders.

 The ability to know the location of responders and their proximity to threats and hazards in real time

The ability to detect, monitor and analyze passive and active threats and hazards at scenes in real time

The ability to incorporate information from multiple and nontraditional sources into incident command operations

The ability to maintain interoperable communications with responders in any environmental conditions

The ability to monitor the physiological signs of emergency responders

The ability to create actionable intelligence based on data and information from multiple sources

Deployment Plan


Hosted on your own virtual instance in any of trusted datacenter. Your organisation has full control of Administrator privileges and users under the MAESTRO Administrator Dashboard. 

On-Premises Installation

Organizations can install MAESTRO as an On-Premises solution. We offer our services for any on-demand installation and deployment to support organisations.